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         About Tony Hornick         

I have been dancing since the age of 12.  While on my parents farm my mother said I should go  to learn to dance. So I went to my first public dance in Fenwick, Ontario. I learned square dancing and other country steps while a 3 pc band played for the older people ( they were probably 35 and up) I obviously was the youngest person there. And of course everyone wanted to help me learn. What more could I ask for.  
Dancing has been excellent exercise for me and has been part of why I have been very healthy and seldom get ill. 

During the war years there were many farmerettes working on farms in the area. We would meet at Port Dalhousie and the ballrooms in Welland, Ontario where I first learned cha-cha and rumba along with smooth Social dancing. I came to favour Latin dancing over the other styles.

I have been taking dancing lessons most of my life, having learned some International and some new Country steps as well. And at present taking lessons in the Hamilton, Grimsby area.,

In the past few years I have taken many cruises on which I was a dance host. Some of these cruises were as short as 4 days and others as long as a month. I taught some basics.

I believe that my health is a reflection of the quality of natural foods I've eaten.  I do my own cooking. I have never been in a hospital. Most importantly I have for the past 24 years avoided all worries and arguments of any type. On the following link you will find a product that I have developed because of my interest in healthy eating. Sprouts for healthy living.  By the way, if you are interested, my background is Austro-Hungarian and I also do the dances of those nationalities. Especially love the Czardas. 
You are what you eat. You become like your friends.( Man does not live off the food he eats but off of the energy that is produced from the food he eats ). by A.F.Beddoe

I have developed an extensive list of dancing locations in Florida, where I have in the past been living during the winter and of course in Ontario where I have been living during the summer. I still go dancing International, Social, Latin, Country, Swing and Tango 2 to 3 nights weekly throughout Ontario.  And also in Western New York and Florida for a short time each winter. 
And most important: I update this website several times a day. And I correct items within minutes (most of the time).     If I am on Holidays or I am away for a day or two , a notice is placed on my home page on a BRIGHT 
GREEN LINE and I am then not quite as prompt to do changes requested.  But every 2 or 3 days I do get at my 
emails and make changes as requested. 

                  I want to tell you ( My readers )  
                             Why sometimes links do not work in my website.
1)  The Dance Location that is listed forgot to renew their contract with a web master.
2)  They forgot to pay for their computer server space 
3)  They set up a new web page with a different address and forgot to notify me ( the most common ).
4)  I made changes to an area and I forgot to remake the connections.( my mistake but unusual )
5)  The dance location forgot to pay for their monthly computer connection.
6)  They closed their business and did not notify me.( This is another very  common reason  ) 
or Why 
telelphone numbers are not correct.
1)  At the time I post the listing it IS correct.  But sometimes when a number is changed
     by bell or the subscriber they forget to contact all the people like me that rely on it. 
2)  I never place just any number in the posting. It has to be correct at that time. 
3)  The telephone number that is placed is for a specific person. When a new person is
     assigned to receive calls in a company or association group they forget to contact me.
     and it is impossible for me to call 3500 to 4000 listings to check items like that. 
Please always phone ahead before you visit a dance location.  Now you know the rest of the story.  

Tony ,  2 hands typing on 2 computers with feet keeping time to music working to 3am. 
And I am not kidding.

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