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The following item was submitted by dancers in Ontario, Canada         

  1. Do look out for other dancers before going onto the floor.
  2. Do not stop on the floor and talk to friends. Leave the floor if you want to chat.
  3. Do follow the Line of Dance. Slow dancers should stay on the inside and the faster dancers on the outside.
  4. Do not stop and start and practice or dance alone on the floor.
  5. Do not dance a different dance to that being played. Don't practice a waltz when the DJ is paying a cha cha.
  6. Do please leave the floor by the most direct route. Do not cross the floor through other dancers.
  7. Do not let your chairs encroach onto the Dance floor, it could be dangerous.
  8. Do not under any circumstances, take food or drinks across the floor, and even just across a corner. Please do not chew gum on the floor. The cost of repair would be prohibitive.
  9. Please do not clean your dance shoes over the carpet, use a waste bin.