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Special thanks to the following persons for their contributions to Tony's Web Site

Greater Toronto Area

Gerry van Houten, an information management professional, has considerable experience in designing, developing, managing and writing for web sites.  He is the person who helped Tony to lay a foundation in design of the present web site. Many changes have been made since his initial assistance. Nothing stands still.  . .





Bob Cecil,  I and a friend were having a mid day snack at McDonalds in 2002 in Stoney Creek. While speaking to my friend about my computer problems, I was overheard by Bob who happened to be sitting at a table with his wife and 2 children, next to ours. Bob spoke up when he heard how many problems I was having and made himself known to me. He immediately offered assistance to me and without hesitation said he would be happy to come to my home to show me how to correct and improve what I was doing. For the next 3 years even though he had his own family to look after, he would visit me at least once every week or two and then assist and teach me how to manage my web site more effectively. And he did this without the request for remuneration.  Bobs background was a professional "Head Hunter" . That means he placed employees in corporate positions on a commission basis. In 2005 he and his family moved to Vancouver Island. And even though he was that far away, we stayed in contact with each other.  Hardley a week has gone by when we did not speak on the phone. Mostly it was me asking for advice. Which he always gave freely. Like me bob is an entrepreneur who really never had free time to give me. But did. No one could ever have a better friend than Bob. The very best to you , Sophie, Caroline and Coco. Thank you. I know I can always count on you for assistance. A true friend in every way. You will never be forgotten.


Here is BOB's signature on all his eMails to me.  I respect him greatly.

There are no gods, no angels, no devils, no heaven or hell.

There is only our natural universe and, the fact that you were

incredibly lucky enough to be born into it, against almost

infinite odds, is by far the greatest miracle of all.

All religions are myths and superstitions, that harden hearts,

enslave minds and, have caused the greatest number of deaths,

in human history, through the hundreds of major/minor wars

 they have caused.

Time to move on people.


The Following is a list of those persons that have helped by giving me corrections on
this web site. Many thanks to them.  It is very much appreciated.

Some day when I make my second million, (my first million went to my first family) . I will recognize these persons
that have helped me in up-dating and correcting errors in this web site.   And that's a promise. They will not pay for entry
costs if ever I institute an entry charge.  Some day that WILL happen.

        Assisting corrections in US Listings.
Bruce Morgan,  brucemorgan@earthlink.netFlorida
SqDncFan@aol.com, Florida
Ron Wetjen   wd4ahz@gte.net  , Florida
Gary P.Jones, 
gary@dancersdelight.net,  Florida
Audrey , APRINZEPESSA@aol.com, Florida
Dieter,  DIETERSRL@aol.com  , Palm Beach
Frank in Florida, 
fonnzi@juno.com  Ft. Lauderdale
"Pete Sansom" <sirdancealot@worldnet.att.net>
"Julie Rodger"<jules_msp@hotmail.com> Broward,FL
"Nancy Glass"<
luvs2dance@delraycol.com> PalmBC
"jc maier" <jcmaier@usadatanet.net>Buffalo   
Rick Farneski <ragtopdance@yahoo.com>Florida
"Davis, Laura V, RTSLS" <lvdavis@att.com>
"Chris" <wholeben@tampabay.rr.com  Florida
"Susy Cruz" <scgun66@bellsouth.net>   Florida
"Frederick"   Fsunde@aol.com Naples,www.dancingdj.biz
"Kathy G"  SSdancing@aol.com,  Ft. Lauderdale
"Hans"  dance@step23.us> Naples
"Chris Page "  PageCN@aol.com
"Suzanne & Crystal", LDancer143@yahoo.com, Orlando
"Joan Bourne" <jbourne1@tampabay.rr.com>
"Chris Elwonger" <cricketstore@msn.com>
"Susi Evers"
"Kitty"  keengelm@ncsu.edu
"Tommy Mller"  Tommy,Miller@mci.com, Jacksonville
"Pat D'Andrea"  patro9@tampabay.rr.com, Tampa
"Lisa k.doherty" <l.doherty@juno.com> Ft. Myers
"Chuck Rhinehart" <flchuck@bellsouth.net> Florida
"Sharon Morgan"  <morgan23@bellsouth.,net> Stuart
"Russ"   <jsmit109@tampabay.rr.com>  Tampabay
"Liz Shuttleworth" <lizann@myvine.com> Sarasota
"Elaine Smith"  <vitalelaine@Hotmail.com> SW Florida
"Sherry Day"  <sherday@tampabay.rr.com> Tampa
"Dave"  <Out4adance@aol.com> Broward County
"Wendy"  <csteppin@aol,com> SW Florida
"Craig Calver"  <ccalver@adelphia.net>, Palm Beach
"Elizabeth Weiss"<Betty2@WEISSINC.COM, Florida
" Karen"  <Karen226@Aol.com> Florida
" PageCN"  <PageCN@aol.com> Fort Myers, Florida
"Carol " <Csuemai@aol.com>, Plantation, Florida
"Jennifer Caldwell" <jennifer@rosemarybeach.com>
"Felix Perez"  <felix@appraisall.net, Florida
"Charlie Dyer"  <chdyer@yale.edu>,  Jacksonville
"Kathy Dorsy"  <kdorey@fau.edu> Boca Raton
"John Gillmer"  <jgillmer@mail.com> Jacksonville
"Tina Voci"  <tinavoci@yahoo.com>  Deerfield
"John Davis": <twelvedancer@AOL.com> Orlando
"Joel Garmon" <joel@garmen.com>Deerfield
"Cara Dabbeekeh"  <edafrica@hotmail.com> Buffalo
"Steve & Carlene Starace"  <scjstar@aol.com>,Boca
" Traci Czaja" <mailworks@bellsouth.net> Boca Raton
" Charles.Fountain@dhs.gov",  Miami
"James Wiggins" <jimwjax@alltel.net>  Pensacola
"LAURA GLASEL" <normandlaura@webtv.net>
"June"  <Sirdancealot@att.netWest Palm Beach
"Sherry Day"   <
sherday@tampabay.rr.com> Tampa
"Gordon"   <GHG43618@aol.com> West Palm Beach
"Edgar Croxon"  < ecroxon@cogeco.ca>  Niagara FAlls
"Mary LeMays"  <mlm57@knology.net> Clearwater
"Daved Rosensweet M.D" rosensweetmd@earthlink.net, FL
"Gordon Gammon"  <GHG43618@aol.com> W Palm Beach
"annonimous" <WB51666@aol.com> Tampa area.
"annonimous" <Woodyoh70@aol.comFT.
Nancy C. Dingman"  ncd719@yahoo.comOrlando
Ed hammond
" wn1i@yahoo.com,  Delray Beach
"Martin Herman"inoodles1@prodigy.net 
"Maureen"  wakerjam@aol.com,Orlando
       ?           JagMom03@aol.com  Boca Raton
Ed Hammond" Ed H [wn1i@yahoo.com], 
"Bob Depree"
bdepree@tampabay.rr.com  Tampa
"Candace_Patton" busterpoodle@aol.com Fort Myers.
"Patricia Porter"   porterp@escapees.com
"Phyllis Newman" phyllisnewman@rogers.com, Palm Beach GdnJim Woodford "
jwoodford@mail.com" JacksonvilleJayne       Jayne Fiocca "chouchou@ij.net" St. Petersburg.
jay wolfe [jaywolfe@bellsouth.net]  South East Coast 
[rtorre1@cox.net] Florida Panhandle   
Chuck Hand   [lazrjok@earthlink.netTreasure Coast 
Ed Shaw, eshaw101@comcast.net, South West Florida
jbussard@windstream.net, Jacksonville District
FunnyFeelinToo@aol.com,  Sarasota
GUILFORD J. PERRY [rm1usnret73@msn.com] Tampa
Torres, Darlene [mailto:DarleneT@jtech.com] Lake Worth 
Philip Shea, Tampa area,
Butch Oldfield [butch@oldfieldweb.net] Bonito Springs
butler03@tampabay.rr.com,  Brandon
June Griffin Garcia [mailto:griffingarcia@satx.rr.com]
Beverly Z Bowen [Beverly@BeverlyBowen.com] Sarasota
Howard, Joseph P Civ USAF AFMC 578 SMXS/FLT E, Georgia
Patricia D'Andrea [patro9@tampabay.rr.com], Largo ,Florida
Kelli Rose, LMT, NCTMB
[kelliroselmt@yahoo.com] Tampa
John Prete [johnprete@bellsouth.net]  Jacksonville
Gee, GHG43618@aol.com Palm Beach
Marc Nichols [marcnichols@bellsouth.net]   Davie
Sharon Johnson [fivemagnolias@msn.com]  St. Petersburg.
Paul Stella, paulstella@bellsouth.net   Melbourne
Franklin,  slasherproductions@yahoo.com, Tampa
Brian Watts [briangw@hughes.net]  Naples
James F. McConkey, Jr. [jfmccjr@comcast.net]  Tampa
Balboa Queen [balboaqueen@yahoo.com]  Sarasota
abbieonline@comcast.net  Pembroke Pines
Mariselamariemarisela@yahoo.com  Jacksonville
Myrle English, enterprize@webtv.net Broward.
Patricia D'Andrea [patro9@tampabay.rr.com, Clearewater
Luz ZunshineLB@aol.com, Fort Walton Beach
Erika Cox [erika-cox@cfl.rr.com, Winter Garden
robbie friedman [forthelord7@bellsouth.net], Central Florida
Ruth Siegmann [lenru1285@yahoo.com]  Fort Myers
Chris Bittle cbittle@mac.com , Tallahasse
Grizel Adobbati [GAdobbati@familycentral.org]  Lake Worth
Ellen Costigan [relivpensacola@hotmail.com] Pensacola
Marcob  [mailto:Marcobh@aol.comSouth West Fla
 [nancy@rosies.com] Pensacola
gail brecher [brechernp@gmail.com], Palm Beach
Bob Green [greenra@comcast.net] , Port St. Lucie
Rosemarie Pyott [rkpyott@gmail.com] Naples
 A2zme@aol.com,  Broward
Janis Merluzzo, jmmerluzzo@verizon.net Sarasota
John Ramsay [johnramsay@comcast.net]
Sandy Dee [sandydee@sympatico.ca]
Ray Kostanty [raykos@optonline.net]

Assisting corrections in Ontario Listings
Kingston  Michael Györffy 4mg19@qlink.queensu.ca
Peterborough,   "Robert Fitts" bobbof@cogeco.ca
 London    "betty" betty.mosher@sympatico.ca
Burlington   "Jennyb" jennieb@sympatico.ca
 Toronto"Wm.Arthur Pilgrim"wmapilgrim1@earthlink.net
Toronto "Scott Walker"
Toronto,  Gerrylevinsky@hotmail.com
Kingston,  "Bigpuck®1" <bigpuck_ca@yahoo.ca>
Ontario,  Barry Jones <mrbpj@rogers.com>
Ontario,  Kathy,  jpdj@primus.caDesign help, Thankyou.
Ontario,  "Petra" <pvolino@formcor.com>
Ontario,  "Vincent Filteau" <vfilteau@sympatico.ca>
Ontario,  Gary & Anne <weredancing@porchlight.ca>
Ontario, "David Britton" <d_britton@sympatico.ca>
Ontario, "Marsha Lawrence" <wildchild@hipaction.ca>
Ontario, "Paul Stitt"  <paul@monteith.on.ca>
,  "Bruce Southern"  <bsouthern@wwwdc.com>
Kitchener,"Nancy Carey" <nancyshome@sympatico.ca>
Orangeville, "Patrick Bidney" <pbidney1@hotmail.com>
Ontario,  "David Wooldridge" dwinc@sympatico.ca
Hamilton"Mauricio Conzalez" micho_gon@sympatico.ca
Stoney Creek, "Keith & Donna" kal_76@hotmail.com
Ontario,  "Peter Frame"  mrdbaid@yahoo.ca
St. Kitts "Lorraine Young" lorrraine.young@sympatico.ca
Niagara, "Gregory_B <Gregory_357@yahoo.com>
Toronto,  "Carmen Mah"  <cmah@sympatico.ca>
Toronto,  "Marcia"   <Marcia.Moro@parsons.com>
Ontario,  "Peter Frame"  <mrdbaid@yahoo.ca>
Toronto,  "Jim Leiper"  <waltzing@rogers.com>
Hamilton,  "John Harris" <j.harris@ieee.org>
Brantford,  "John"  <stys@sympatico.ca>
Hamilton,  "Wendy"
 <wen7450@hotmail.com>Paul Paul Northern On ,"Johannsson" paul.johannsson1@3web.com
Ottawa,  "Andrew Symes" asymes@kaszas.ca
Hamilton,  "Anne" amce@cogeco.ca
Chatham,  "Brad"  WAS WAS@bellnet.ca
Toronto,  "Carol Potter", <cvpotter@rogers.com>
Cambridge, "Betty Dettwiler" - OHA Betty@in.on.ca
Toronto,  "Rob Kish", Phoenix118154703@aol.com  Hamilton,  "Anne"  amce@cogeco.ca
Toronto,"R.Galloway"rosemary.galloway@sympatico.ca Toronto, "M Thompson"[thompsonml@connection.com]
Toronto, "Mandi Gould"
Toronto, "Duke Duyck [mailto:duke@duyck.ca]
Ottawa,  Maria, "andremaria@smoothstyle.ca"
Kingston, Isidora Spielmann [spiel@rideau.net]  
Kitchener, Jo-anne Merkley,jmerkleyc298@rogers.com
Staffordville,  bradcott [bradcott@bellnet.ca]
Keith and Margaret Post,
Judy,   judyrn06@hotmail.com
Peterborough, Amber Simas [ambers@nexicom.net]
Toronto, Pat Dixon [thatdixon@sympatico.ca]
Doris Wisiak
Windsor,  Brad,
Cambridge,  HANS EPPRECHT [hansepprecht@rogers.com]
Oshawa, John & Allene Crosbie [ja.crosbie@rogers.com]
Guelph, Joanne Ware [tjware@rogers.com]
 CINDY  cmui@live.ca
Huntsville,  Ron Gee
Ontario  Doug Berry
Robb S [mailto:iou1na@live.ca
Mississaga  Ασημ. [katinapaxinou@hotmail.com
Windsor g s [accountingchic99@hotmail.com]

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