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included free with  entrance cost but always check if you are unsure.
before visiting location. The dance location may change its schedule or itinerary or it may be closed.
Food: When shown it usually is included in entrance cost. And type of food varies from place to place.
indicates recorded music and/or live band.
Line & Disco Dances are seldom listed.
Links  through no fault of mine some links may not work. Please let me know when they do not work.
Latin  includes cha cha, rumba, tango, mambo, merengue, etc. etc.
Social  Dancing which may include some latins, European and recent style music.but primarily fox trots.
International Dancing  refers to a very disciplined
style of social dancing used in competitions.
Short Forms for Dance Types -
Social - S, International - I, Swing - SW, West Coast Swing - WCS, Hustle - H Argentine Tango - AT, Latin -  L, Salsa - SA, Country - C, Scottish Country - SC, European - E,  Square/Round - SR,  Smoke Free - SF,  Ballroom  means place to dance. Ballroom Music - means social dancing,  Color Dots signify style of dancing. e.g. Latin, Fox Trot, etc.

                             How to Contribute to Tony's Web Site
The following pages offer free access to over 3500 dance locations in Ontario, Canada , Florida, USA.  Other states and provinces may add their lists to these pages by contacting  Tony.  Some locations may have name changes or are closed. If you know of name changes, closings or new locations, please let me know in order to keep this list up-to-date.  Or you can telephone Tony at 905-681-6908

How to Request a Web Page for Your Dance Location
he least expensive way to add a page is for you to set up all your information including a photo on a flyer that you are going to send to your customers. Mail one to me and I will place it into a web page for $25.00. That will then be linked   for free on my web site so that anyone going to your small ad will be able to see the full page on their computer by only clicking on your name in your ad in my web site. That cost is an annual charge for each ad you send.

List, Delete or Change a Dance Location
eMail your information to Tony.  I will then make the entry for you after verification and editing.

Singles have an opportunity to place their
information directly. To find that soul mate or dancing partner in your own area, complete the Dance Partners Listing form.   After the initial entry has been placed we will make changes to your listings when requested by you .

In most cases when a word or number of words are shown in blue and underlined, it will be a link to another web site. This allows you to immediately visit that web site for further information. Although we checked out each site when we listed it, we're not responsible for those which contain errors or no longer exist. Many times web sites
are not accessible because their Server is temporarily down. This is quite common. But do let me know when it is down.
Send Tony an Email.

These color codes make it easy to find where you want to dance.

These symbols indicate the type(s) of dances sponsored by each dance location below.
Argentinian Tango Country International Ballroom
Latin/Salsa Social/North American Swing/Hustle
A place where Singles meet.


  I want to tell you ( My readers )
Why sometimes links do not work in my website.
1)  The Dance Location that is listed forgot to renew their contract with a web master.
2)  They forgot to pay for their computer server space
3)  They set up a new web page with a different address and forgot to notify me ( the most common ).
4)  I made changes to an area and I forgot to remake the connections.( that is unusual )
5)  The dance location forgot to pay for their monthly computer connection.
6)  They closed their business and did not notify me.( This is very  common reason  )
or Why
telelphone numbers are not correct.
1)  At the time I post the listing it IS correct.  But sometimes when a number is changed
     by bell or the subscriber they forget to contact all the people like me that rely on it.
2)  I never place just any number in the posting. It has to be correct at that time.
3)  The telephone number that is placed is for a specific person. When a new person is
     assigned to receive calls in a company or association group they forget to contact me.
     and it is impossible for me to call 3500 to 4000 listings to check items like that.
Please always phone ahead before you visit a dance location.  Now you know the rest of the story. 

Please send your suggestions to Tony Hornick.. All rights reserved. Copyright Tony Hornick.

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